Microeconomics II 2018 (A1-A2)



A1-A2 terms

Monday 13:00-14:45

Classroom: no.8



Akihiko Matsui

We study microeconomics. The winter semester covers the standard game theory and its applications.

Applications will be given as we proceed.

Students are strongly recommended to take topics in microeconomics.

TA session

will start after grading the first problem set. Friday 10:25-12:10

TA's: Kishishita, Tomita


Fudenberg, Tirole, "Game Theory" MIT.

Mas-Colell, Whinston, Green, "Microeconomic Theory" Oxford.

Myerson, "Game Theory" Harvard.

Osborne, Rubinstein, "A Course in Game Theory" MIT.



  1. Choice Theory--review
  2. Game Theory
    • games in strategic form, Nash equilibrium, dominance
    • games in extensive form, backward induction, subgame perfection, other refinement, strategic form representation, Bayesian games, repeated games
  3. Applications (many of them will be given as examples of the abovementioned concepts and methods)
    • oligopoly, predation, auction, information economics, matching, etc.




Grade is based on homework assignments (about 10%), midterm exam (about 40%) and final exams (about 50%).


Homework assignments (Problem sets)

You may form a group of at most three (individual work is fine, too).

Submit one typed answer per group with all the members' names written.


All the information is subject to change.