Microeconomics I 2020 (S1-S2)



S1-S2 terms

Thursday 13:00-14:45

Classroom: online (subject to change)

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Akihiko Matsui

We study microeconomics. S-term covers the standard decision theory, price theory, and their applications.

Applications will be given as we proceed.

Students are strongly recommended to take Mathematics for Economists.

TA session


TA's: Akita, Noritomo


Mas-Colell, Whinston, Green, "Microeconomic Theory" Oxford. (MWG)

Myerson, "Game Theory" Harvard.

Varian, "Microeconomic Analysis" Norton.



  1. Decision Theory (Myerson will be used in this part.)
  2. Price Theory (MWG and Varian will be used in this part.)
    • Consumer theory
    • Producer theory
    • Equilibrium theory
    • Fundamental theorems of welfare economics
    • Market failure
  3. Market Theory with Indivisible Goods (References will be provided as we proceed.)


Grade is based on homework assignments (about 10%) and final exam (about 90%).


Homework assignments

will be posted here .

You may form a group of at most three (individual work is fine, too).

Submit one file per group with all the members' names written.


All the information is subject to change.